Release Version About
Information about MetriVerse Application

Metriverse - Stage 1 Release Goals

Functional Items:

  • view individual collection pages with then being able to view individual nft pages to view them
  • create collections and upload assets & mint tokens item to created collections
  • search collections by collection name, contract address, mns name
  • create mns name and reverse label for a collections and profiles
  • have a profile page that shows what is in your wallet, not just the token, but the actual images of what you hold
  • give collections ability to link to their twitter or discord, or other social media accounts
  • the ability to set a price to sell as well as auction
  • functionality of token exchange/trading

Non-Functional Items:

  • 3d viewer for tokens [assets]
  • launchpad
  • generative art
  • option to make nft as votes/dao